The City Council is comprised of the Mayor and five Council Members. All positions, including the Mayor, Council Members, Treasurer, and Fire Chief are volunteer. No one receives a salary for their time and effort. 

The City Council meets the second Tuesday of each month at 7:30PM in the Town Hall. These are open meetings and all residents are urged to attend, and contribute their ideas and suggestions for the betterment of the community.


Your elected officials are:
Sam McVay,  Mayor
(Term Ends 2017)
Sandi Rando,  Mayor Pro-Tem
(Term Ends 2018)
Greg Cooley, Councilman
(Term Ends 2018)
Jerry Cryer, Councilman
(Term Ends 2017)
Doug Napps, Councilman
(Term Ends 2018)
Marty Nulf, Councilwoman
(Term Ends 2017)

Your appointed officials are:
Patsy Cooley, Treasurer
Jeff Irion, City Attorney
Lyndon Patrick, Fire Chief

Your town staff are:
Clifford Webster, Police Chief
Pam Foster, City Secretary
Allen Brier, Mowing
Sam McVay, Building Official

FY2018 Approved Budget

FY2017 Approved Budget

Agenda October 2017

September 2017  Council Meeting Minutes
September  2017 Balance Sheet
September 2017  Financial Report

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